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Hellooooooo -ber months! (well, almost)

A few more hours and it’s finally Christmas season again! Hahahahaha jk. I’m too excited. I even told my father that my birthday’s coming near too (but it’s still 5 months away). I’m sure days would go by much faster starting September that’s why I’m super excited hihi. Forgive me for being this enthusiastic but I just want some good vibes before the stress comes back to me again bc of the many many many exams that head my way. So there ~

Sobrang gusto namin ni kuya pumunta sa party nung friend namin tonight pero bawal kasi walang maiiwan sa bahay
Kuya: Puslit nalang tayo! Gusto ko talaga pumunta eh!
Me: Di nga ko marunong pumunta dun eh! Sina mama kasi eh!!!
Kuya and Me: (as in sabay na sabay) *ungol*

I feel like this week is such a waste. Classes have been suspended (in my school) since Monday and I’ve had zero productivity since. All I did these past few days was lie down, watch television, watch different series in my laptop, go online,sleep, eat, and nothing else. And for all I know, I’ve lost my “academic momentum”. I don’t know how next week’s gonna be when I’m back in school facing my most-awaited long tests. Don’t even know If I’d be able to properly review/study for those tests again. Right now, I’m really just boooored. Who knew I’d miss being stressed and busy so much? I guess I do miss school too… Ugh. I have mixed feelings. I miss my house when I’m at school but I also miss school when I’m at home. And that is the number one reason why I hate entering school in a place far from home. Ok I’d stop here or else I’d end up ranting about school again….

Mama’s forcing me to take a bath uhm

My classes start in two days and I’m still feeling indifferent about it. I’m not even sure if this is indifference but I sure know that I feel very different (from last year). I can’t really tell if I feel excited or nervous or nothing at all. I do have some feelings for this summer.. it makes me sad that my two-month hibernation from school work and stress is over. This has been by far my busiest and most fun summer vacation ever. And now, coming to its end.. it does makes me sad. It just makes me realize that time does fly really fast when you’re having fun. I just hope that school would level with the fun I felt this summer or if not, it should be more fun. So I guess that’s just what I have to feel- hope. That everything will be alright and that I may be able to handle all the stress and pressure from school. Yes, I should be full of hope that good things may happen in every aspect of my sophomore life (especially in getting that one final subject to complete my units!) And btw, I still can’t believe that I’m in my second year in college..

Not loving my hair so much right now. I should have sticked with my layered style -__-

Nw news.PH on Solar News Channel

Social media, recent elections, politics.. Mama’s so inclined with these topics that she makes us watch this show. In fact I already know a new phrase! ‘VOX POPULI’ But I don’t know what it means.

Thank you Lord for a fresh morning! No headaches or whatsoever. Idedelete ko yung huling text post. Medyo kadiri hahahaha chos.

I just remembered

Today: Cash’s surprise birthday party
Tomorrow: Divi shopping
Overmorrow: EK

And I thought it’s gonna be a boring week…

"God’s ways are higher than our ways. We are not expected to understand but we are asked to willingly trust. God doesn’t always explain himself. Sometimes we just have to be still and know that He is God. Trusting God requires letting go of control over what happens, and totally leaving the results in His hands."

Abby E.
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Masakit dumilat underwater #cuteparinako

Masakit dumilat underwater #cuteparinako


Uumpisahan ko pa lang yung Season 2 and hehehehehehhe *insert mura here* it’s so funny and ~kiligz~ and everything. Sobrang pinigilan ko muna yung sarili ko na panoorin yung next episodes kasi mabibitin ako pag umabot na ko sa Season 3. Ipapasink in ko muna sa aking mind and heart yung mga nangyari. Hahahah sabeee. If you don’t know this show, I suggest you watch it! Para sakin, hindi ganun kapredictable yung storyline. Go team Jake!

Di nga, Mr. MMDA Chairman??

Hashtag medyo OA. Masyado affected sa FICTITIOUS novel ni Dan Brown. Sabi nga ni kuya, ‘ang kitid’ (with matching hands on the head). Sige let’s say pinagtatanggol mo lang ang mga Pilipino. Pero as if papansinin ka ni Dan Brown. Published na yung book eh. Ano pang magagawa natin. Ewan ko ba kung nagpapabida lang ‘to or sincere talaga intentions niya. Mas dadami pa tuloy ang bibili ng book na yun kasi na-curious na. Buti pa si Nancy, di mabilis mapikon kahit linalait na siya hahahaha

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legit na hohol! finally… after gazillion years. (photos from jasmine)

Day 1 Ten things you’d say to ten different people right now
  • God
     I trust You.
  • Mama
     Happy Mother’s Day in Advance! Haha
  • Papa
     Thank you for everything
  • Babylyn
     I miss you and I wish we could see each other more often :(
  • Pam
     U da best!
  • Melody
     Welcome to the good life! ;)
  • Jiselle
     Thanks for being my dance buddy!
  • My other friends (jasii, tatz, qny, nads, mico, jolo, etc)
     I miss you!!
  • PALS (they also count as one)
     Thanks for making me forget my problems when I’m with you.
  • Zayn Malik
     Hi :”>